Tire Rack

Waag’s Tire Rack is built to withstand the day-to-day abuse common on the tarmac. The heavy-duty steel construction, long-lasting finish, and ample cross bracing ensure that our GSE Tire Rack is engineered to survive years of airport use and abuse.

Waag’s Rack uses a flexible modular design, that can be scaled up to meet your needs. Build one complete rack, or purchase additional Connector Kits to expand your rack capacity.

Customizable: Connecting arms can be made to any length, allowing for full customization of your rig.
Universal: Fits all tire sizes.
Heavy-duty steel construction:
Finish: Powder coated with WAAG high visibility orange (other colors on request) and a second powder coat of UV resistant clear.
Shipping: Shipped in One pallet.  F.O.B.  WAAG, Van Nuys, CA.
Powder-coated finish: WAAG safety orange (other colors on request). Second powder coat of UV resistant clear, for long service life.

We offer Connector kits of various lengths ( 22″, 24″, 30″, 32″), allowing you to customize the width of your tire rack.

#90846:  Rack End (48” Deep x 40” tall.).
#90974:  Rack Connector Kit 22″.
#90937:  Rack Connector Kit 24″.
#90847:  Rack Connector Kit 30″.
#91008:  Rack Connector Kit 32″.


Made in the U.S.A. by WAAG