A-320/ 787 Adjustable Aft Accessory Access Stand #65195

To access the AFT-Accessory door the sliding ladder shifts to the left of the deck.
To access the AFT-Accessory area the sliding ladder shifts to the right.

Height Adjustable: A320 is serviceable when in the down position; 787 and A320 on jacks are serviceable when up the position.
 Signature design of heavy wall 1.5″ round steel tubing mounted to stair rail in two places at the lower end.

Single-action plunge brakes: Just pull back on a lever and the stand is locked in place.
Towable: Heavy Duty Tow Bar standard on every stand.
Main wheels: Two (16″ x 4″) Solid rubber main wheels featuring 5 lug hubs with heavy-duty bearings on heavy-duty axles.
Swivel wheels: Two (8″ x 2″) Urethane over steel wheels with precision bearings and heavy-duty axles KPL swivels.
Finish: Powder coated with WAAG high visibility orange (other colors on request) and a second powder coat of U.V. resistant clear.
Shipping: Shipped in two pieces. Completed deck on a pallet. The main stair unit with handrails zip tied to the side. F.O.B. Waag, Van Nuys CA.
Main Stair footprint: 117″ long x 71″ wide.
Top Deck Usable Space: 53″ wide x 56″ deep.
Top Deck Height: 66″
Slider Height: 113″
Steps: 23″ wide x 9.5″ deep.

Adjustable Aft-Accessory Access Stand Made in the U.S.A. by WAAG