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Industry Leading Manufacturers of Aviation GSE

Since 1965, WAAG has been an innovator in the products it manufactures. Always made completely in the U.S., whether it was furniture, automotive products, or now, ground support equipment, WAAG ingenuity, ground-breaking design, and unparalleled quality has found its way to the top of every industry.

Manufacturing high-quality custom brass and iron furniture until the late ‘80’s, WAAG transitioned into the automotive industry at the start of the Sport Utility craze. Putting their own unique stamp on the truck bumper push bar, WAAG transformed this piece of utility equipment into something that not only was functional but complemented the vehicle’s styling cues. And in 1991 when WAAG arrived in Las Vegas for its first Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association trade show – the largest such show in the U.S. – distributors, restylers and all in attendance took notice.

Almost immediately after that first show, WAAG became the industry standard and the one in which the competition always looked to for new innovations. With design savvy, innovative engineering, and a meticulous attention to even the most minor detail, WAAG lead a revolution in truck equipment as SUVs became more abundant and increasingly refined in design. Every aspect from design to fit and finish was unprecedented. Restylers and consumers asked for WAAG by name and would not settle for any imitation. Not the biggest, but the best !

For a fifteen year run, WAAG led the way in this segment of the Sport Utility market. Few of their competition produced the variety of vehicles they had fit, as well as bringing new products to the industry that never existed. Unfortunately, at the height of the market, Grill Guards had become a commodity item, which opened the market for overseas companies to produce low quality, low priced copies.

As Grille Guard sales began to wane in 2006, WAAG began to take on outside work in their 25000 sq. foot building in Van Nuys, Ca, offering tube bending, plasma cutting, welding and powder coating services. They were soon approached by a small company in the aviation ground support industry who was developing a multi-height mobile platform for American Airlines. This company had won the bid to build two hundred stands for American Airlines, and being too small of a company to handle the work, WAAG was contracted to build the stands. Nearing completion of the contracted work, and the death of the owner of the contracting company, WAAG was asked directly by American Airlines to design a stand with very specific dimensions for the wheel well of the 757. Following the approval of the 757 wheel well stand, WAAG has continued to design and produce a variety of products for multiple airlines, fueling companies, and cargo handling service companies at the airports. To date, WAAG has designed a complete line of mobile platforms for 737, 747, 757, 767, 787 MD-80, A-320, A-330, A-340, A-350 and the A-380, as well as cargo management items.

Waag has found a new home in Ground Support Equipment manufacturing, our dedication to detail, quality and design remains strong as ever. The products we now build are innovative, easy to use, high quality products that have no equal and, we are proud to say, are again the undisputed envy of the industry.