Adjustable 88″-126″ Adjustable Entry Stand #65188

A-320/ 737/ 737 MAX/ 737 NG

The upper deck on our Adjustable Entry Stand adjusts from 88” to 126” with pins in 3-inch increments. Use the lifting lever to raise and lower the deck with little effort. No hydraulics.

Main wheels: Two 16″ x 4″ solid rubber main wheels. Also features 5-lug hubs with heavy-duty bearings on heavy-duty axles.
Swivel wheels: Two 8″ x 2″ urethane over steel wheels. Also with precision bearings and heavy-duty axles KPL swivels.
Finish: WAAG high-visibility orange and UV resistant clear topcoat. Additionally, other colors are available.
Steps: Galvanized steel Grip Strut with signature baked on safety yellow leading edge.
Towable: Heavy Duty Tow bar is standard on all stands.
Single action plunge brakes: Pull back on the lever to lock the stand in place.
Shipping: Shipped in two pieces. Complete deck on a pallet and the main stair unit with handrails zip-tied to the side. F.O.B. Waag, Van Nuys CA.

Accessories and customizable features available:
Optional – Safety gate for top deck; deck handrail extensions. Our experienced team can help ensure the entry stand meets your specific requirements. Custom versions are also available upon request.

Footprint: 169″ L x 90″ W
Top Deck Usable Space: 48″ L x 96″ W
Top Deck Height: 88” H (in lowest position); 126” H (in highest position).
Height: 142” H (in lowest position); 172” H (in highest position)

65188 lifting lever

Lifting Lever.

Add Pin.

65188 Tow Bar

Heavy Duty Tow Bar.

Single Action Plunge Brake

Single Action Plunge Brakes.

Adjustable Handrails on Deck

Adjustable Rails.

For Different Door Heights.


88″-126″ Adjustable Entry Stand Made in the U.S.A. by WAAG.