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Tire Rack

Waag’s Tire Rack is built to withstand the day to day abuse common on the tarmac. The heavy duty steel construction, long lasting finish and ample cross bracing ensure that our GSE Tire Rack is engineered to survive years of airport use and abuse.

WAAG Tire Rack uses a flexible modular design, that can be scaled up to meet your needs. Build 1 complete rack, or supplement additional Tire Rack Ends (#90846) and Connecter Kits (#90847), to build a module with multiple racks.

All of our ground support equipment comes in high visibility powder coat orange with a second coat of U.V. resistant clear with many other colors available on request.


Customizable: Custom connecting arms kits can be made to any length, allowing for full customization of your rig.
Universal: Fits all tire sizes.
Heavy duty steel construction: More than ample cross bracing for durability and long service life.
Finish: Powder coated with WAAG high visibility orange (other colors on request) and a second powder coat of U.V. resistant clear.
Ergonomic Design: Ensures ease of use, safety, and increased productivity.
Shipping: Shipped in One pallet.  F.O.B.  WAAG, Van Nuys, CA.

Single Rack overall footprint: 32” wide x 48” Deep x 40” tall.
Single Rack Tire clearance: 30” wide x 45” Deep.


Made in the U.S.A. by WAAG