A-320/ 737-Dual Height Entry Stand #50121

Top deck easily adjusts from 100″ high (for B-737 entry), to 126″ high (for A-320 entry). Just push or pull on a lever and the ‘counter balanced deck’ rises or lowers with little effort and without hydraulics.

Heavy duty steel construction: More than ample cross bracing for durability and long service life.
O.S.H.A: compliant forward ascent and descent stair.
Hand rails: Signature design of heavy wall 1.5″ round steel tubing mounted to stair rail in two places at lower end. This design avoids potential damage and creates a very sturdy unit both in up and down and side to side action.
Heavy duty tow bar: Standard on all stands.
Single action plunge brakes: Just pull back on a lever and the stand is locked in place.
Adjustment lever: Just push or pull on a lever and the counter balanced deck raises or lowers with little effort.
Main wheels: Two (16″ x 4″) Solid rubber main wheels on heavy-duty axles.
Swivel wheels: Two (8″ x 2″) Urethane over steel wheels with precision bearings and heavy-duty axles KPL swivels.
Steps: Galvanized steel Grip Strut with signature baked on safety yellow leading edge.

Top Deck Usable : 96″wide x 48″deep.
Main Stair footprint: 173″ long x 90″ wide.
Steps: 34″ wide x 9.5″ deep.

Finish: Powder coated with WAAG high visibility orange (other colors on request) and a second powder coat of U.V. resistant clear.
Shipping: Shipped in two pieces. Complete deck on a pallet. The main stair unit with handrails zip tied to the side. F.O.B. Waag, Van Nuys CA. Accessories and customizable features available:
Optional – Traction tread design for passenger access.
*Any size stand can be made to order.

Retrofit for B-737/A-320 Entry Stand # 50121.

Retrofit extends serviceable crafts to now include
A-320 Family, 737, 737 Next, 737 Max.

Modification allows top deck to be locked in place at 3″ increments along the stands 100″- 126′ Range. Converts  two position stand into a stand with multiple stops, extends the stand ability to service wider range of craft.

Dual Height Entry Stand Made in the U.S.A. by WAAG.