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787 Windshield Repair Stand #60157
787 Windshield Repair Stand #60157
Two-Piece Windshield Stand
Two-Piece Windshield Stand

Waag’s windshield repair stand is built to withstand the day to day abuse common on the tarmac. The heavy duty steel construction, long lasting finish and ample cross bracing ensure that our GSE winshield repair platform is engineered to survive years of airport use and abuse. The windshield repair stand is equipped with large wheels, heavy duty axles and heavy duty KPL swivel wheels for ease of maneuverability. Once in place, its easy to lock down thanks to single action plunge brakes which lock in place with just a single pull. Wide, grip strut O.S.H.A. compliant stairs with signature baked on safety yellow leading edge help to minimize the risk of support crew slippage. All of our ground support equipment comes in high visibility powder coat orange with a second coat of U.V. resistant clear with many other colors available on request.


Top deck: 187″ high x 130″ wide x 74″ deep
Deck footprint: 130″ wide x 74″ deep
Overall footprint: 132″ long x 88″ wide x 241″ high
Steps: 34″ wide x 9.5″ deep
The deck height of this windshield repair GSE platform is 14 feet. It has been designed for use on the Airbus A-320 & Boeing B-737 aircraft. The deck height on the stair unit is also 14 feet and it can be used separately as a general aviation repair stand as well. Both pieces are towable when separated.
O.S.H.A. compliant forward assent and descent stair.
Heavy duty steel construction. More than ample cross bracing for durability and long service life.
Hand rails: Signature design of heavy wall 1.5″ round steel tubing mounted to stair rail in two places at lower end. This design avoids potential damage and creates a very sturdy unit both in up and down and side to side action.
Heavy duty tow bar.
Single action plunge brakes. Just pull back on a lever and the GSE stand is locked in place.
Main wheels: 2 – 16″ x 4″ Solid rubber main wheels feature heavy-duty axles and hubs.
Swivel wheels: 2 – 8″ x 2″ Urethane over steel wheels with precision bearings and heavy duty KPL swivels make the GSE platform very easy to maneuver by hand.
Steps: Galvanized steel grip strut (saw tooth design)** with signature baked on safety yellow leading edge.

Accessories and customizable features available:
Standard – Galvanized steel grip strut saw tooth design
Optional – Traction tread design for passenger access
Optional – Special padded handrails for aircraft protection against handrail while using the stand at an opposite direction.
*Any size stand can be made to order.
**Other step designs in galvanized steel and aluminum are available.
***Same style stand is available in many sizes for other aircraft.

Made in the U.S.A. by WAAG