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Custom Wheel / Rim Powder Coating Services

Looking to change the personality of your vehicle? WAAG uses the latest powder coating technologies and equipment to put a long lasting, durable finish on anything that’s metal. In addition to small pieces like rims and engine parts, WAAG also has large scale facilities which allow us to provide powder coating services for automobile frames and other large industrial parts. WAAG Powder Coating has been a leading provider of Powder Coating Services in Los Angeles for over 10 years. We use the powder coatings from the finest manufacturers in the market, including DuPont, Tiger Drylac and HB Fuller.

Wheel / Rim Preparation

Please inspect your rims prior to powder coating. Our ovens can get really hot, approximately 400° and surface contaminants can negatively effect final finsh. For best results, we ask our customers to remove all brake dust, oil, grease and other materials that may contaminate sandblasting prior to powder coating. Please disassemble all bolt-on parts before powder coating, we do not provide disassembly or reassembly. Additional charges will occur if disassembly is necessary. All plastic parts and fittings must be removed from the parts of the wheels that are to be powder coated. We assume no responsibility for fittings, grommets, bushings, etc. left on wheels. Areas that should not be blasted or coated must be identified in advance with salesperson and noted on invoice. We will do some masking, but can not be held responsible for final product.

Powder Coat Color Charts

Click on the charts below to view full size color charts for Cardinal / Tiger Drylac.

cardinal powder coat colors tiger drylac powder coat colors
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Industrial Powder Coating

industrial powder coating services
Commercial Powder Coating Services

Waag specializes in large scale, industrial and commercial powder coating. We can quickly and easily powder coat your parts, frames, stair cases, you name it!

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Engine Parts Powder Coating

engine parts powder coating services
Customize Your Engine

The chip proof, heat resistant finish powder coat provides is perfect in engine compartments. We have a variety of finishes including metallic and candy colors.

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