Custom Powder Coating San Fernando Valley

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Custom Powder Coating Services

Looking to change the personality of your vehicle? Rusted patio furniture? Looking for a lasting finish for a gate, fence or railing? WAAG uses the latest powder coating technologies and equipment to put a long lasting, durable finish on anything that’s metal. In addition to small pieces like rims, patio chairs and engine parts, WAAG also has large scale facilities which allow us to provide powder coating services for automobile frames, spiral staircaises, stair railings and other large industrial parts. WAAG Powder Coating has been a leading provider of Powder Coating Services in Los Angeles for over 10 years. We use the powder coatings from the finest manufacturers in the market, including DuPont, Tiger Drylac and HB Fuller.

LA powder coating process
Powder Coating Process


Sand blasting removes any contaminant on the metal surface such as dried up oil and rust. This process is very important for the longevity of the finished product. Items are either brought in raw metal or painted. ALL PARTS ARE SAND BLASTED. This process textures the metal for superior bond for the powder coating process.

Powder Coat Application

The powder coating application stage is where the colored powder is electro statically charged and sprayed onto the metal. Thus allowing the powder to adhere to the metal magnetically, it goes into an oven and allows the particles to fuse into the metal curing the powder. Powder coated surfaces are far more resilient than standard paint. Giving your product a longer life through weather conditions, fading, abrasion and resistant to corrosion.

Curing ovens is set to a certain temperature specific to product weight and powder that is being applied. Metals are placed on a rack and sprayed with the powder. Ovens can reach up to 500 degrees depending on what the item is being powered for. The oven runs at a specific temperature to make sure powder and metal are fused for highest bonding.

Powder Coat Color Charts

Click on the charts below to view full size color charts for Cardinal / Tiger Drylac.

cardinal powder coat colors tiger drylac powder coat colors
rim wheel powder coating

Rims & Wheels

Set your vehicle apart with the finish of your choice.

engine part powder coating

Engine Parts

Our long lasting finishes are far more durable than paint.

home garden decor powder coating

Home & Garden

UV resistant finishes that hold up to the worst weather.

industrial powder coating


From giant spiral staircases to small parts, you're covered.

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Rims & Wheels Powder Coating

rims wheels powder coating
Any Color You Want!

Powder coating provides long lasting, durable finishes on anything that’s metal. We have the facilities to handle your needs, from small pieces like rims and engine parts, to frames and trailers.

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Engine Parts Powder Coating

engine parts powder coating services
Customize Your Engine

The chip proof, heat resistant finish powder coat provides is perfect in engine compartments. We have a variety of finishes including metallic and candy colors.

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Large Scale Powder Coating

over sized powder coating services
Large Scale Powder Coating

In addition to small pieces like rims and engine parts, WAAG also has large scale facilities which allow us to provide powder coating services for automobile frames and other large industrial parts.

Industrial Powder Coating

industrial powder coating services
Commercial Powder Coating Services

Waag specializes in large scale, industrial and commercial powder coating. We can quickly and easily powder coat your parts, frames, stair cases, you name it!

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