Backflow Theft Prevention Cages

anti theft valve cages
Prevent Backflow Valve Theft & Vandalism

Backflow preventer theft is at an all time high due to the increasing value of copper and brass metals. Thieves are cashing in by stealing and scrapping backflow preventers, bypass meter assemblies and irrigation valves. In addition to extreme inconvenience of replacement, many businesses are forced to shut down until the plumbing work can be resolved. Waag theft prevention cages are a simple solution to stolen valves at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

Waag's innovative backflow cage design allows easy installation and access for repairs even in restricted areas. Each backflow valve enclosure includes a tamper proof lock for added security. We have many sizes of backflow theft prevention cages in stock and any size can be made to order at no extra charge. Green powder coat finish is standard, other colors are available on request.

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Rims & Wheels Powder Coating

rims wheels powder coating
Any Color You Want!

Powder coating provides long lasting, durable finishes on anything that’s metal. We have the facilities to handle your needs, from small pieces like rims and engine parts, to frames and trailers.

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Engine Parts Powder Coating

engine parts powder coating services
Customize Your Engine

The chip proof, heat resistant finish powder coat provides is perfect in engine compartments. We have a variety of finishes including metallic and candy colors.

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