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Overall Footprint: 180” long x 90” wide
Overall Size: 180” long x 90” wide x 142” high (in down position); (172” high in up position)
Steps: 31” wide x 9.5” deep


This stair easily adjusts from 100” to 130” in 3 inch intervals. Just push or pull on a lever and the ‘counter balanced deck’ raises or lowers with little effort, ‘No Hydraulics.’

O.S.H.A. compliant forward assent and descent stair.
Heavy duty steel construction with ample cross bracing for durability and long service life.
Single action plunge brakes. Just pull back on a lever and the GSE stand is locked in place.

Finish: Powder coated with WAAG high visibility orange (other colors on request) and a second powder coat of U.V. resistant clear.