787 Entry Stand & Dual Height Cargo Deck Stand a320 fueling platform ground support equipment 737 entry stair ground support equipment 787 a320 adjustable entry platform gse powder coating aircraft belt loader protector gse aircraft windshield repair platform a320 cargo door acess stand gse backflow valve theft cage aircraft tire service cart gse cargo door control stand ground support equipment 787 wheel well access stand gse metal fabrication 777 entry stair gse 737 wheel well gse

WAAG aircraft GSE is designed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. We build world class aircraft ground support equipment which is built to handle the rigors of everyday abuse on the tarmac. Our heavy duty aviation GSE platforms and stairs are designed to be operated by a single member of your ground support team. Each piece of aircraft GSE is built with large wheels for quick towing, KPL heavy duty swivel wheels for easy maneuvering, non-slip grip strut (saw tooth design) platforms and stairs, single action plunge brakes and comes in the durable powder coat finish of your choice.

aircraft GSE cargo access stands

Cargo Access Stands

Dual hieght cargo deck GSE access stands for the B-757 & B-787 aircraft.

aircraft ground support crew entry stands

Crew Entry Stands

Crew entry GSE stands for the A-320, B-737, B-747, B-777 & B-787 aircraft.

aircraft ground support landing gear access stands

Landing Gear Access Stands

Landing gear GSE access stands for the A-320 aircraft.

aircraft ground support marshalling stands

Marshalling Stands

Universal marshalling GSE stands in 90" and 168" heights.

aircraft ground support mechanic access stands

Mechanic Access Platforms

Mechanic GSE access stands for the A-320 & universal stands for several other aircraft.

aircraft GSE refueling stand

Refueling Stands

Refueling GSE stands for the A-320 & universal stands for several other aircraft.

aircraft GSE wheel well access stands

Wheel Well Access Stands

Wheel well GSE access stands for the A-320, B-737, B-757, B-767 & B-787 aircraft.

aircraft ground support windshield repair platform access stair

Windshield Repair Stands

Windshield repair GSE stair / platforms for the A-320, B-737 & B-787 aircraft.

wheel rim black powder coating

Automotive Powder Coating

Looking to change the personality of your vehicle? WAAG uses the latest powder coating technologies and equipment to put a long lasting, durable finish on anything that’s metal. WAAG Powder Coating has been a leading provider of Powder Coating Services in Los Angeles for over 10 years. We use the powder coatings from the finest manufacturers in the market, including DuPont, Tiger Drylac and HB Fuller.

auto motorcycle frame powder coating

Frame / Large Scale Powder Coating

In addition to small pieces like rims and engine parts, WAAG also has large scale facilities which allow us to provide powder coating services for automobile frames and other large industrial parts.

Custom Fabrication

Need something created? WAAG has you covered. Our team can bend, cut, fabricate and powder coat just about anything you bring to our door.

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Tough Industrial Powder Coating

automotive powder coating
Any Color You Want!

Powder coating provides long lasting, durable finishes on anything that’s metal. We have the facilities to handle your needs, from small pieces like rims and engine parts, to frames and trailers.

Powder Coating Services

Heavy Duty Aircraft GSE

tire wheel aircraft ground service cart
Wheel & Tire Service Cart

Our heavy-duty tire and wheel service cart features sturdy steel construction and large wheels for faster towing on the tarmac.

Aircraft GSE Service Carts

Tough Industrial Finishes

automotive frame powder coating
Heavy Duty Finishes That Last

Large scale powder coating facilities allow us to provide industrial strength finishes for automobile frames, gates, fencing and other large industrial parts.

Large Scale Powder Coating

Mandrel Tube Bending

mandrel tube bending
Computer Controlled Bending

Our seven CNC mandrel tube bending machines can create any bend in up to 3 inch tubing with incredible precision.

CNC Mandrel Tube Bending